PEGAPCSSA86V1 Exam Question 1

Identify two options for passing data between a Pega application and a webpage containing a web mashup. (Choose two.)
  • PEGAPCSSA86V1 Exam Question 2

    The ruleset list for an application consists of the following rulesets, ordered from highest to lowest:
    * SelfService:01-01
    * TGB-HR:01-01
    * TGB:01-01
    A rule with an Apply to : class of TGB-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff references a rule named ConfirmationRequest .
    The four instances of ConfirmationRequest in the rules cache are shown in the following table.

    Which is chosen during rule resolution?
  • PEGAPCSSA86V1 Exam Question 3

    You are asked to create four reports .
    Which report would require joining classes?
  • PEGAPCSSA86V1 Exam Question 4

    Which two options do you consider when creating a pre-processing data transform? (Choose Two)
  • PEGAPCSSA86V1 Exam Question 5

    There are five instances of a rule in the rules cache. The only differences between these are the circumstance setting and ruleset version has access to all ruleset versions.
    On 1 June 2017, which instance is chosen by rule resolution if .Country = Algeria?
    Ruleset Version Circumstance
    Selfservice: 01-01-01 None
    Selfservice: 01-01-01 .Country = Algeria
    Selfservice: 01-01-02 Start Date = 1 January 2017
    End Date = 31 December 2017
    Selfservice: 01-01-03 None, Based Rule checked
    Selfservice: 01-01-05 None