PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Question 1

You are configuring an external data source using the Integration Designer. You have the REST, Dev, Stage, and Prod endpoint URLs, and a name for the data source. What other information do you need to configure the external data source?
  • PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Question 2

    In a Human Resources (HR) application, a business architect has developed a new process for the Onboarding case type. You want to test the process and the fields to verify the UI elements collect expected results.
    When applied in combination, which two configurations allow you to record a set of interactions and save the test results to verify the process functionality? (Choose Two)
  • PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Question 3

    Select each Business Need on the left and drag it to the appropriate Service Level Agreement Interval on the right.

    PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Question 4

    In an application that sells office supplies, the Payment view displays order items and collects payment information. In the Payment section rule, the order items are grouped in a dynamic layout. You find out later that the Order Summary view must also display the order items.
    How do you configure the UI so that the order items display is shared between the Payment view and Order Summary view?
  • PEGAPCSA85V1 Exam Question 5

    A requirement states: The date of birth submitted for first grade students must be at least five years before September 1 of the current year.
    Which three validation methods, when applied in combination, satisfy the requirement? (Choose Three)